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Store-and-Forward Mail Services

Mail Forwarding for your Microsoft Exchange or Other Corporate Mail Server

You’re already leveraging the powerful collaboration tools that a Microsoft Exchange Server offers. You’re not really sure how you lived without all the extra horsepower your Microsoft Office products now have... but are you getting the most from your investment?

With WDDX.NET providing mission critical Store and Forward services for your Microsoft Exchange server, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of Anti-Virus Protection, Anti-Spam filtering that our other mail customers receive, along with the peace of mind that we'll guard your mail in the event of an Internet connection or hardware failure.

Monitoring your Corporate Mail Server

Our SolarWindsTM monitoring software keeps an eye on your Microsoft Exchange server 365/24/7, making sure that it is properly receiving the mail. If you go down for a few hours, you can expect a phone call from us. We’ve surprised a number of clients in the past who have changed their ISP without realizing the impact it would have on their Exchange Server, and we’ve helped them migrate to their new address...without any of the surprise fees that other companies would charge. You’re more than words on a screen to us, you’re our customer and we’re glad you chose us.

Microsoft Exchange Servers supported by WDDX.NET Store and Forward Services
WDDX.NET Monitors your Microsoft Exchange Server