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Hosting Services

WDDX.NET Servers, photo taken with Android EVO

Why host your domain with WDDX.NET?

...because we’re not a volume-driven, automated vending machine. We’re a small company filled with eager people who specialize in serving small to medium sized businesses. When you work with us, you aren’t trying to figure out how to game some arcane control panel; you just tell us what you need. We get it done.

Stable. Fast. Protected.

Physically located in an all cement facility with poured concrete ceilings and multinational backbone connectivity, WDDX.NET is not a reseller of someone else's hosting services. When you or your IT staff work with us, you're working with the people who actually manage the equipment.

We will help protect your corporate network

There is no real substitute for local anti-virus protection, smart policies and good user practices - that is your last and most critical line of defense, but it shouldn’t be your first! Our services extend your defenses well beyond your offices, filtering viruses and spam before they ever reach your employees. Before e-mail is delivered to you, it has passed through three layers of anti-virus protection and over eighty different types of spam tests. Our virus and spam profiles are updated throughout the day, even blocking security exploits that standard virus programs don’t detect. Even if you host your own mail, we can provide store and forward services that offer you the same level of protection and examination that we offer our own mail customers.

Boutique level service, not the price club

When you host with WDDX, you’ll receive friendly service from an experienced support team without the hidden fees. Shop around. You’ll discover that other hosting companies charge less, at least up front. When you need service -- "Oh, you wanted your files backed up? You'll need our Premium Support Plan! You need a data source configured? SSL Certificates installed? You need us to work with your Web Developers? You don't understand our confusing Control Panel and want us to just take care of it for you? That’s extra!" -- that’s when you realize that you get what you pay for.


  • Multinational backbone connectivity supported by fiber connections from:
    • AT&T
    • FiberLight
    • FPL FiberNet
    • Level 3
  • All cement facility with poured concrete ceilings
  • ColdFusion 9 Servers running IIS
  • IIS Mod-ReWrite support
  • Mail handling is protected by:
    • 3 layers of anti-virus
    • Over 100 different types of spam tests
    • Supported by multiple vendor signatures, updated throughout the day
    • Proprietary RBL and locally managed filtering
  • Enterprise Grade Web Based WebMail Client
  • Enterprise Grade Log Based Analytics