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Mail Services

Spammers hone their techniques daily. So do we.

You are good at what you do. So are we. That’s why you chose us to help protect you from the damage that viruses and spam can inflict upon your business.

We don’t depend on a single product or even a single kind of technology to protect your inbox: we’ve assembled an efficient and capable team. Before it reaches you, your mail has been inspected at least three times for known viruses and examined by over 80 different tests to detect spam. Travelling over our distributed network, your mail is inspected by a team of servers that specialize in each of their given tasks.

The same protection, no matter what solution.

Whether you choose SmarterMail for Enterprise or our Store and Forward services to support your own Exchange Server... you're going to get the same level of attention and protection.

Fortinet, Alligate, Declude, ARM Research Labs, Invariant Systems, AVG, Clam AV

Mail Handling