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Nexus One Supporting Flash 10.1

added by Michael on 21 Feb 2010

The BoyGeniusReport has revealed Adobe Flash 10.1 could be right around the corner for the Nexus 1.


In fact, they have video that shows the Nexus One Alpha release in action.


Owners of a Nexus One not afraid of flashing a ROM can shake things up by installing a leaked HTC Desire ROM with Sense UI that has been carefully prepared and packaged for your Google handset. The ROM is an Alpha release that may be a bit unstable for everyday use but it gives those  users who need to be on the forefront of technology a sneak peek at what is coming for Android in the upcoming months. One surprise included in the ROM is the presence of Adobe Flash 10.1, an inclusion that suggests the deployment of Flash for Android may be right around the corner.