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Yahoo: Powered by Bing

added by Michael on 18 Feb 2010

Last year, Microsoft and Yahoo agreed to combine their search engine efforts.  It has been recently reported that the Justice Department is now expected to approve the Microsoft-Yahoo agreement without conditions.  Microsoft's Bing will power all the search engine technology on Yahoo.  In return, Yahoo will manage the premium ad sales for both sites.


This is a good thing, according to PC World's Jared newman.


The reasoning is simple: By handling the back end of all Yahoo searches, Microsoft will gain access to almost three times the search queries it's getting with Bing alone. The extra data will speed up Bing's automated learning, helping the search engine return more relevant results, especially with rare queries, the DOJ says. In other words, Bing will have a better chance of finding what you're looking for the first time around.


Bing is steadily gaining search market share, mostly at Yahoo's expense. December data from comScore pegs Bing's share at 10.7 percent of searches, compared to Yahoo's 17.3 percent. Google, meanwhile, continues to grow, nabbing an extra 0.1 percent of searches in December to reach 65.7 percent.


With more than a quarter of Web searches going to Bing after the Microsoft-Yahoo deal, the DOJ said Microsoft will have an easier time developing and testing new search-related features, user interface tweaks and changes to Bing's algorithms, thanks to the larger data pool