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Twitter Website logs 32 Million Visitors... in April.

added by Michael on 20 May 2009

ComScore has released its worldwide numbers, and the Twitter website had more than 32 million visitors, according to TechCrunch.Com.


To put that in growth into perspective, Twitter has just passed Digg (23 million), LinkedIn (16 million), and the NYTimes.com (17.5 million) in monthly unique visitors, as counted by comScore. And comScore only measures the number of people who visit Twitter’s Website, not the millions more who send and read tweets via their phones, desktop apps, or other Websites.


An interesting headline over at the Motley Fool: "Pucker Up, Twitter -- Here Comes Google"


"We do not have to buy everyone to work with them," Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters, as retold by England's Telegraph this morning. The comment came after the annual Google Zeitgeist powwow, as Schmidt conceded that Google has had conversations with Twitter's founders over a strategic relationship.


This part was my favortie though, speaking of a non-Google Twitter buyout:


Twitter is what even Google isn't these days: sexy, growing quickly, and a buzzword that is on everyone's lips. A lesser engine would gain some serious street cred with Twitter in its arsenal. It would also be killing two birds with a Biz Stone. It would make the buyer stronger, while keeping the hot micro-message texting platform out of the hands of Google.


 UPDATE:  An interesting article from The Guardian: Google 'falling behind Twitter', Co-founder Larry Page says search engine has been losing out to micro-blogging site in battle to provide real-time information