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Circuit City Reboots

added by Michael on 20 May 2009

Systemax recently announced that it acquired the Circuit City trademarks, brand name and internet domain for $14 million


Presently, if you go to CircuitCity.Com, you will see the announcement of an imminent Re-Launch:


Circuit City Re-Launch


On the main page is a Press Release from the CEO of Systemax:


Circuit City...The Re-Launch!

You heard it here first...CircuitCity.com is coming back, bigger and better than ever!



Systemax Inc. is Re-Launching the Circuit City brand with new Lower Prices, new Wider Selection, new Faster Shipping, and a better 24/7 Customer First Service Department.


Circuit City served American Shoppers for 60 Years. We're here to continue that tradition online with lower prices and special deals, a better selection of the products you want most, award winning customer service and same day shipping, starting at $1.99.


Americans love to get great products at great prices. We promise you that is exactly what you'll find at the Re-Launched CircuitCity.com.


We have a team of folks feverishly working to put up the finishing touches on the new website. We ask that you come back in a few days and experience the New CircuitCity.com.



Gilbert Fiorentino - Chief Executive
Systemax Technology Group



The news comes as WalMart is positioning itself to compete with Best Buy and Amazon, revamping 3500 of its US stores this week.  "Circuit City's business is up for grabs right now and we expect to get our share", Gary Severson, the Senior Vice President of Wal Mart's Home Entertainment division, told the Wall Street Journal.


According to GizModo, Walmart's


plan includes all the mainstay techniques of their competitors: dedicated brand displays for brands like Apple; aggressive bids for new phone offerings, including, contrary to some reports, the Palm Pre; a full embrace of the netbook craze; the addition of eye-catching, higher-end TV sets and home theater equipment.


In January of 2008 Systemax also acquired the CompUSA brand, trademarks and e-commerce business, and as many as 16 retail outlets in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico.


TigerDirect.COM is a subsidiary of Systemax as well.