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Advantage Services Adds 1

added by Michael on 20 May 2009

Another Press Release from Advantage Services today, a WDDX.NET partner.  It looks like their Web Development team is GROWING, despite the recent economic downturn.


"I keep telling people that there is no magic bullet", Jim Sacks, President of Advantage Services told me the other day.  "People are looking for that magic bullet, but there isn't one.  The market sucks, and that's all there is to it. You can't get some money out of no money!  It's just not there!


Still, people are looking to cut costs.  They're cutting back on their expensive print budgets and focusing more on their websites.  They're letting go of their in-house IT staff, and outsourcing their network administration to us.  It's smart, and once they meet our technicians, they wonder how they ever did it any other way."


"Yup", Jubal Inman agreed, Advantage Services' Vice President of Service and Support.


 Justin Paelmo


Advantage Services Staff