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Google Similar Images

added by Michael on 21 Apr 2009

Google has just launched a new tool called GOOGLE SIMILAR IMAGES.  With it, you can search for an image, and if you find one you like you might be able to click on a link beneath it labeled "similar images" for more of the same kind of thing.


From the TechCrunch blog:


Let's take this new toy for a spin. "Apple" is a good query to test this because there is the aforementioned company Apple, as well as the fruit. When you find an image you are looking for after the initial query, it's easy to click on "Similar images" and get more of the same. This is where Google really takes over and uses its technology to search for images it believes to be similar. For example, if I decide I want the silver version of the Apple logo...


Here is a screencap I took following the article's instructions:


Silver Apple Logo