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Palm's WebOS to Support Flash, Data Tethering, Copy and Paste

added by Michael on 17 Feb 2009

Last week we blogged about Palm's retirement of the Palm OS, and the up and coming WebOS they will be introducing soom.  We already know that WebOS will support MultiTouch, one of the more intuitive features of the iPhone's operating system, but now we learn that WebOS will come with a number of other features that the iPhone currently lacks:  Adobe's Flash, Data Tethering and the ubiquitous Copy and Paste function.

From Engadget:

Copy and paste, data tethering, and now Flash -- it looks like the Pre's going to fill in a lot of unchecked iPhone feature boxes, doesn't it? Yep, Palm's just joined Adobe's Open Screen Project, and there's no two bones about what that means: the press release flat out says "the Open Screen Project will help deliver Adobe Flash Player for smartphones on the new Palm webOS platform."