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Palm retiring Palm OS

added by Michael on 13 Feb 2009

Palm is going to retire PalmOS, but they're unveiling a new Palm webOS to take it's place, complete with multitouch capabilities. 

From Network World:

Colligan brushed aside questions about speculation that Apple might file a lawsuit charging that the Pre’s mult-touch interface infringes on Apple patents. 

“There are no issues with Apple over patents right now,” he said. “We’ve built a very extensive patent portfolio in the mobile space. The reason you do that is to have a defensible position in the marketplace.” He said Palm had about 1,600 patents. He likened the two companies to two porcupines, circling but careful not to sting each other. 

It sounds like developing apps for the new Palm webOS might be more like...  developing web applications. 

Palm so far has revealed publicly very few details about webOS, which supports an array of Web standards. And Colligan didn’t add anything to what’s already known. He repeated a key Palm talking point: that anyone who can program today with tools such as Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and HTML will be able to write applications for webOS.