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Microsoft Investing in Retail Space

added by Michael on 13 Feb 2009

Redmond has announced that Dave Porter, the 27 year retail veteran (with Wal-Mart creds) will be helping Microsoft to open their own brick-and-mortar Retail Stores.


John Biggs sort of mocks the idea over at CrunchGear, but he also has the Redmond Press Release. 

I guess it had to happen: Microsoft is opening retail stores with the help of some guy named Dave Porter who used to work for Wal-Mart. Super synergy. I can see it now: these stores will be the exact polar opposite of the Apple Store - brightly lit, overstocked, and oddly jarring.


No real information on these stores just yet, but Dave is going to start planning a slow and steady roll-out. Will they have Smartie Stations with trained technicians? Training in Windows Paint?