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Marco. Polo!

added by Michael on 12 Feb 2009

Thomas Clayburn of Information Week does his best to assure us that Google Latitude isn't really a privacy risk.


There are, in other words, real privacy risks out there, but Latitude isn't one of them.  

People are their own worst enemy when it comes to privacy. They post information on social networks that's far more revealing, and potentially damaging, than one's location. They leave documents with sensitive information onscreen or on their desks, at home and at work. They work on laptops in public places, where someone could gather private information by watching surreptitiously. They make calls on cordless phones that can be intercepted with a scanner.


If you want to worry about privacy, worry about information that can be gathered by your employer, your government, your insurer(s), and anyone you're fighting in court. If you've got worry to spare, spend some wondering what your ISP is doing with your data and how the merchants you buy from protect your credit card data. Then you can use whatever worry remains to fret about Google. 

Meanwhile, Gmail adds a feature that allows your location to be automatically added to your signature.


...not that GeoIP databases are all that reliable at determining anything beyond the location of your internet provider.