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Garmin and Asus bring Social Media to Hardware

added by Michael on 12 Feb 2009

Garmin and Asustek have teamed up to produce the Nuvifone M20, running Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. 

KansasCity.Com reports: The deal allows Garmin to expand further into the navigation market as the portable device market softens. 

and that's not all; now they're beginning to tie hardware directly to social media.   We did mention that technology is evolving right before our eyes, didn't we?  Here's an excellent example.


In the future, our children and our children's children are going to have a very different perspective on what the word privacy and ownership mean, not to mention the word "now".

The companies said the M20 offers “the most advanced (location-based services) experience of any Windows Mobile phone.”


“Navigation functions are linked to frequently used applications such as calendar, contacts, e-mail, Internet applications and more,” the companies said in a release.


Both the M20 and the previously announced Nuvifone G60 include a new navigation feature designed by Garmin called Ciao! that lets users find and navigate to friends from social networks such as Facebook.


The G60, first announced by Garmin a year ago, is a rectangular wide-screen phone that works on a proprietary operating system developed by Garmin. It includes navigation-centric applications including turn-by-turn directions and photo geotagging.


“The Nuvifone G60 is designed for the active on-the-go user who wants an easy-to-use device and appreciates the peace of mind that comes from a device that answers common questions like ‘Where am I?’, ‘Where am I going?’ and ‘How do I get home?’ ” Garmin Asus said in a release.