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Ubiquity to be Included in Firefox 3.2

added by Michael on 10 Feb 2009

It looks like Mozilla was impressed enough with Ubiquity (we blogged about that back in August) to include it as a standard feature in Mozilla 3.2, or 4.0, whichever comes out next. 

From PC Pro:


Ubiquity allows users to type natural language phrases into the browser to perform certain tasks, such as typing "map 10 Downing Street" to instantly see a Google map of that address, or "share-on-delicious" to bookmark the site you're currently visiting on the social news site.


Ubiquity, which is already available in beta form, currently requires users to press Ctrl + Space to enter the text commands, but Mozilla is aiming to integrate the feature into the address bar (or "Awesome Bar") for the next version of the browser.