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Social Media Not a Novelty: Techrigy Hits 1 Billion Conversations

added by Michael on 6 Feb 2009

Techrigy, the developers of SM2, a Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Solution, announced that their growing database has now recorded 1 Billion conversations, harvested from Blogs, Twitters, Wikis, Social Networks  and User-Generated Content such as YouTube, Bulletin Boards, Forums and more. 

From PitchEngine.Com:

Known as the Social Media Warehouse, Techrigy's growing database comprises a huge array of conversations, each with up to 35 fields of associated meta-data including profile information, sentiment and tone, demographics, links and much more.


“Understanding this much data and how it affects your brands requires a powerful search and analytics tool”, says Techrigy  co-founder and CEO Aaron Newman. “When a keyword search has the potential to uncover hundreds of thousands of brand mentions, marketing managers and agencies need to be able to quickly parse those results. That’s why we built SM2. It provides visibility into social media.” 

Jeff Widman uses SM2 to keep track of what people say about CrunchBase.  (Hello, Jeff!) 

From TechCrunchIT:

Like most website analytics packages, these conversation monitoring tools face a delicate balance between simple interface and powerful statistics. Much like a scientific calculator is very powerful, but a little confusing.


Many of the products I tried were too simple–for a product like CrunchBase, which is mentioned multiple times per hour–the ability to extract trends from mounds of data is far more important than seeing individual comments.


Products mentioned less often will place more value on real-time alerts for individual mentions. I know one of CrunchBase’s competitors left a comment hyping their product on any blog that mentioned CrunchBase.


The service is clearly targeted at larger businesses. While they offer a free version for up to five search phrases, the next plan costs $500 a month.


Social Media isn't a novelty.  It had a measurable impact on the 2008 Presidential Election, is changing the way we work, the way we market our products, the way we interact with government agencies and can be found all around us. 


Here, for example, a boutique law firm in Fort Lauderdale that focuses on Florida foreclosure law, has introduced a social media outreach program with coverage on twitter, YouTube, Yelp and its own blog. 

From MSNBC News:

Social media networks harness the power of the web in an interactive way, allowing for more "face-time" with consumers. Recent findings from the Pew Research Center say the percentage of adults who have profiles on at least one social-networking site has skyrocketed to 35 percent, up from only 8 percent in 2005. With a majority of teens (75 percent) regularly visiting social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube, adult usage is likely to follow suit.


"The social media channels give our prospects and clients an additional way to learn about our services and keep up-to-date on Florida foreclosure law trends," said Roy Oppenheim.


In another example, the Coralville Police Department uses a Twitter feed to reach out to the community, sharing things such as suspect descriptions.  Even the FBI has a FaceBook page.


It's no wonder Techrigy has been able to amass a billion records so far.


There's a whole new universe of data to mine out there.