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Google Latitude Knows Where You Are

added by Michael on 5 Feb 2009

Sign up for Google Latitude, and your phone will actually report your location to Google, so you and your friends can see where each other are on Google Maps.

The Earth Times addresses some of the privacy issues.

San Francisco - Google announced a new mapping feature Wednesday that allows people's locations to be featured on Google maps in 27 countries. While the new application could be helpful in locating friends, or for parents keeping track of their teenagers, it also raises serious privacy issues, experts say. The new feature, called Latitude, allows people-tracking via the internet and smartphones such as Blackberry, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia. It will soon be available via the iPhone.

You can sign up to use it here, if you like.  Here is a list of supported phones, the overview home page, and the list of languages and countries it is available in.