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Yahoo Widgets: Coming Soon to a TV Near You!

added by Michael on 19 Jan 2009

Samsung and Toshiba have struck a deal with Intel and Yahoo to embed the Widget software application platform right into upcoming televisions.

Soon, there will be an ethernet jack in the back of your TV set.  With the recent arrival of Netflix Streaming Movies, this is just the beginning of a brand new playing field, and one with few rules.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

As the traditional television broadcast model struggles to live up to its looming digital-only deadline, TV manufacturers are blazing forward at a pace that threatens to leave cable companies and broadcast outlets in the dust.

We’ve already discussed Netflix streaming movies directly to TVs. Now even more players are entering the TV convergence playing field.

Yahoo’s web widgets for TVs – small Internet-connected applications such as weather and news feeds – have been on the horizon since last August. But details have only surfaced recently. PC Mag reports that Samsung has struck a deal with Intel and Yahoo to embed the technology in select TVs. The service, branded as “Internet@TV,” will use ethernet connections to deliver content from Flickr, Yahoo news and finance, USA Today, YouTube, eBay, Showtime, and others.

TV maker Vizio will go a step further with wi-fi connected TVs. Gizmodo reports that the new sets can connect to Amazon, Blockbuster, Netflix video-on-demand, Pandora radio, Hulu videos, and the full line of Yahoo widgets.

Toshiba is also on-board for the Yahoo web widgets. As Information Week reports, the electronicsmaker is also rolling out a TV that incorporates the Cell processor – the same hardware behind Sony’s powerhouse PlayStation 3 gaming console. Reuters says the technology enables the TV to display ultra-high definition video, and is capable of showing 48 separate moving pictures on one screen. Talk about picture-in-picture!

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