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added by Michael on 27 Aug 2008

Take a look at this video from Aza Raskin, it's about a Mozilla project in the early stages of development called Ubiquity: an experiment into connecting the Web with language.


If someone showed you “The internet” a few years from now, there's a good change you might not even recognize it.


I remember when they came out with GUIs (Macintosh, Windows, etc) and thinking “My god, that’s a lot of overhead to do the same thing I can execute with text commands"


Now we interact with our computers using graphics and video and think nothing of it. 


Most people today don’t know any other way to do it.


Today’s Internet, by comparison, is as primitive as the command line from my own childhood.


Social Networking is grabbing this new generation quite firmly by root.  Tomorrow’s

developers won’t know what it is like to not be constantly connected to everything, all of the time.


Just imagine what we’re going to be doing with it next.