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SQL 2008 Being Released to Manufacturing

added by Michael on 7 Aug 2008

InternetNews reports that Microsoft recently announced that it is releasing SQL Server 2008 to manufacturing.  The release has been delayed since February to make sure the code was "solid".

Microsoft highlighted a number of big changes: a streamlined upgrade path, integration with services by Oracle and SAP, improved Office 2007 performance, transparent data encryption and a system resource governor.

SQL Server is available in seven different editions, from the free Express version that runs on a desktop computer to the Enterprise edition for mission-critical computing. Pricing remains the same for 2008 editions as it was for the 2005 editions.

One of those editions is new. SQL Server 2008 Web is an Internet-designed database meant specifically for highly available Web applications or hosting environments, according to Microsoft. Hosting partners wanted better features, scalability and pricing for a Web version of SQL, so Microsoft created this version to fit these needs.