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Put a Cell Tower in your Home

added by Michael on 1 Aug 2008

That's right.  With the new Sprint Airave, all you need is a broadband connection to offer about 5000 square feet some rightous CDMA Sprint coverage.

Here's some info right from Sprint:

What Is Sprint AIRAVE™?
Sprint AIRAVE™ is a device that creates a CDMA signal for your mobile phone (like a miniature cell tower). AIRAVE provides enhanced and reliable mobile phone coverage in your house or office even if your existing wireless coverage is poor. 
How Does Sprint AIRAVE Work?
Sprint AIRAVE utilizes existing broadband data service to carry your mobile calls over the internet (similar to Voice Over Internet Protocol). And the best thing is that AIRAVE works with any Sprint CDMA handset! 
Unlimited Calling
With the AIRAVE Unlimited Voice Plan you can add to your existing Sprint voice plan for unlimited calling from your home.
Easy To Use
Make or receive calls from home with any Sprint phone. When you leave home, your calls are automatically transferred to the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network.

InfoWeek seems to think they're challenging land lines with this offering.

Up to three different cell phones can use the mini-network simultaneously, and users can switch from the Airave to Sprint's network without losing a call. The Airave will require a $4.99 monthly service fee, but customers with the carrier's Simply Everything plan will be able to make unlimited in-house calls.

Users without an unlimited voice plan can pay a $10 monthly fee for unlimited home calls, but there is a slight catch. While subscribers won't be charged for calls originating from the Airave network, moving to a Sprint tower will change the rate plan from unlimited to whatever the subscriber has.

Switching from a Sprint tower to the femtocell will not change the plan to unlimited, the company said.

"People want ubiquitous cell service on their wireless phones everywhere they go, and that includes their home and offices," said Tom Jasny, Samsung Mobile's VP of wireless systems and broadband, in a statement. "The Airave makes it even easier to get enhanced coverage, no matter where you live or work."

Sprint tested the Airave in Denver and Indianapolis last year, and the femtocell will be available nationwide Aug. 17 for $99.99.

Sprint is the latest mobile operator to enter the household and challenge traditional landlines. Last month, T-Mobile unveiled its @Home service, which also offers existing subscribers unlimited home calling for $10 a month.