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Google-Based Spam is on the Rise

added by Michael on 9 Jul 2008

A recent study by Roaring Penguin software has noted a disturbing trend: spammers are more frequently taking advantage of free e-mail providers such as Google, Yahoo or Hotmail to avoid IP reputation based systems.

Roaring Penguin's data shows that over the three weeks from June 13 to July 3, 2008, the percentage of US-originated spam originating from the top 3 free e-mail providers (Yahoo, Google and Hotmail) rose from about 2% to almost 4%. Roaring Penguin believes that spammers are using Google's service in particular to send spam, relying on the fact that blacklisting Google's servers is impractical for most organizations. According to their data, the probability that an e-mail originating from a Google server is spam rose from 6.8% on June 13 to a whopping 27% on July 3.

Detailed statistics can be downloaded here.