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Microsoft Surface Coming To AT&T Stores In April

added by Michael on 2 Apr 2008

Today's Information Week reports that Microsoft Surface will be coming to AT & T stores this April.  The tabletop kiosks will use special optical tags to recognize selected cell phones to allow customers to explore device features.

Microsoft's multitouch Surface tabletop computer may be coming to an AT&T store near you. In the first public deployment of the technology, AT&T will put 22 of Microsoft's Surface computers in four cities around the United States on April 17.

When customers place one or more of eight mobile devices -- not yet including the Apple iPhone -- labeled with a special optical tag onto the Surface, the computer will recognize the objects and let customers explore device features. AT&T has also created another customized application that will allow customers to explore its coverage map, zooming in and out and navigating across the country by using hand gestures on the Surface's multitouch screen.

Initially, AT&T will deploy the Surface computers in two stores in New York as well as one each in San Antonio, Atlanta, and San Francisco. If customers warm to the application, AT&T is looking to expand to more cities and stores moving forward.

In the future, customers will be able to place their own phones onto the Surface and drag and drop ring tones, graphics, video, and other content by dragging graphics on the screen toward their phones with a simple flicking hand gesture.