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Verizon: Supporting Any Device, Any App

added by Michael on 20 Mar 2008

The "Proof is in the Pudding", they say...  still, this is the direction consumers want to go.  They don't want to be limited to a specific list of phones.  They want to be able to buy whatever phone they want, and then choose any service they want.

Consumer: "Can you hear me now?"

From Business Week:

On Mar. 19 the second-biggest U.S. carrier revealed for the first time details of its plan to allow more outside devices and services on its mobile network, a surprise strategy shift announced late last year.

This could mean faster development and better phones for consumers.

Mobile carriers such as Verizon have always tightly controlled which devices and applications ran on their networks, supporting only phones sold through their own retail stores or distribution partners. The carriers have insisted this approach assured customers better service and fewer glitches. But critics have long argued that those restrictions steered revenues to the carriers while imposing costs on partners, thereby stifling the incentive for innovation. "[Wireless operators] could be doing so much more if they weren't so darn frustrating to work with," says Adam Grosser, a general partner with the venture capital firm Foundation Capital, who has worked with many telecom carriers over the years. "The qualification to get a product in their network is averaging 20 months. It's just brutal."

20 Months?  ...with technology, that's almost a lifetime.