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Welcome to WDDX.NET


WDDX.NET isn’t a traditional hosting company. We leverage our managed private cloud, built on our own hardware, to help you create business solutions. We are team players and consultants who work tirelessly and seamlessly with your staff and vendors across layers of technology and services that are often segmented and frequently at odds: IT, Data, Design and Development, Management and Marketing.

What does that mean?

We excel at supporting your IT staff, your designers and developers, so they’re at their best when supporting you.

We will help you make it hum.

For example:

Advantage Services.Net

Another example:

An IT company that we work with supports a portfolio of Microsoft Exchange servers. We help support them. We help monitor their clients 24/7. Their client’s mail flows through us first. We pass it through multiple anti-virus scanners and spam filtering products, perhaps an archiving service, and pool the mail if the Exchange server is offline or unavailable. As their DNS provider we can even reroute incoming mail and CITRIX traffic to a backup line, if one is available. We keep detailed SMTP logs for a short span of time and can help their IT staff troubleshoot precisely when mail passed through our system, in or out, and if a remote mail server took receipt of a message. We help make them look good. That’s not something that you can buy from someone's shopping cart or ask of a traditional hosting company, but it *is* something we help make happen.

Cloud Servers

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Custom Solutions

Our close partnerships with
IT companies, web application developers, design firms and business consultants affords us a unique perspective. Have a problem? We might have a solution for you. Just tell us about it. We'll be honest if we aren't the best fit. If we can't knock it out of the park though, we might know who can!

Cloud Backup

Whether you need something small and easy to implement like a MozyPro solution, or you need an offsite disaster recovery plan that will let you start up a copy of your local server in the cloud, we can help!
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